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Prasad EFX delivered VFX & DI for the latest Creature 3d
Posted on Oct 01, 2014 at 03:15 pm IST
The movie involved total of 375 creature shots and 100 other general VFX shots.
Prasad EFX has done visual effects for Creature 3d. Creature 3D is a 3D monster thriller science fiction film produced by Bhusan Kumar and Krishnan Kumar of T Series and cinematographed by Praveen Bhatt. The film stars Bipasha Basu and Imran Abbas Naqvi in lead roles.
“We have created a CGI creature which is something similar to a ‘Brahma Rakshaka’ in Indian mythology. The concept design was provided by Vikram Bhatt. Based on this concept we developed the creature over several weeks to the satisfaction of the team. In the beginning stages we worked on pre-visualisation, concept creation and design for the creature’s look. We did detailed study on the look, expression and walk cycle in varies poses. We then received feedback and approval from the director to fine tune and take it to the next level. Since this creature does not exist in the real world we wanted the walk and run cycle to be believable and used varies technique to achieve the final results. We have ensured from the beginning to make the Creature look believable on the big screen along with real characters,” said Prasad EFX, VP Hima Kumar.
The studio has also worked on the VFX, DI and the complete 3D movie post solutions for ‘Creature 3D’. K.V.Sanjit (VFX Supervisor), G.Villavan Kothai (Creative Head) and E.Venkatesan (VFX Producer) are some of the key members who contributed to this project. “We have worked on this film for a year, from designing stages, pre-visualization of the sequences and to final delivery. The real production time was about six months with 40 to 50 artists,” revealed Hima.
The movie involved total of 375 creature shots and 100 other general VFX shots. “There are so many creature based films in Hollywood, but we did not follow any reference and shots from any of them for this film. The ‘Brahma Rakshsha’ character originates in our mythology and we designed and developed it. Doing ‘Creature 3D’ character animation without any reference was a big challenge and we are proud to say that we have achieved the director’s vision,” expounded Hima.

According to Hima, the Climax was the best part in the whole VFX sequence. “In this sequence, the creature interacts with the characters in action which will be an exciting experience for the audience.”
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