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MPC crafted Stunning paper universe for Sony PlayStation game 'Tearaway'
Posted on Nov 23, 2013 at 10:16 am IST
MPC and 180 Amsterdam partnered with RSA Director Rob Blishen to create a paper universe for the new Sony PlayStation game "Tearaway."
In the 30-second ad, viewers are transported to the game’s paper world of adventure thanks to a real-life paper world created at 1:12 scale, integrated with green screen and shot elements.

London-based creative studio MPC worked with Blishen to craft the miniature sets and scaled paper puppets, using stop motion and a live action shoot with matched moves, MPC said in a press release. These elements were integrated with discreet 3D and 2D work and set extensions.
A behind the scenes look at MPC's paper world.
MPC explains more about the spot’s VFX in its press release:
"Following a detailed 3D pre-vis, a miniature scale hand made paper set was constructed on a series of decks. As the protagonist is life-size and shot against green screen, the camera moves were extremely limited. Each camera move in the miniature world had to be scaled up twelve times, which meant a large studio space was required in order to shoot up to twelve meters away from the actor and only very short panning moves were feasible on the paper set."

"Matte paintings extended the sets, which were built on 5x3 meter platforms. The ice segment, desert world and canyon all consisted of DMP backgrounds, which were first built in 3D to act as a realistic base before being painted. 3D character models were supplied by Media Molecule, keeping the characters true to the game, which were then rigged and animated at MPC."
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