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NUKE 10: New Features
Posted on Dec 08, 2015 at 11:40 pm IST
Coming in early 2016, NUKE 10 focuses on enhancing performance, increasing stability, blitzing bugs and delivering new functionality in the areas that matter most to artists: paint, rendering, playback, export and more
NUKE 10.0 highlights

Accelerated Roto Paint performance
Now you can enjoy improved interactivity and stability when working with large numbers of paint strokes in a single Roto Paint node, reducing the need to split painting over multiple nodes. Overall, you’ll experience a smoother workflow and a more satisfying creative process.

Extended GPU support
Take better advantage of your graphics hardware investment to accelerate your workflows, with new support for harnessing the power of dual identical NVIDIA GPUs when using NUKE's GPU-accelerated nodes. In addition, AMD cards are now supported for MacBook Pro laptops.

Enhanced editorial & conform tools
NUKE STUDIO Exclusive - With an emphasis on continuing to refine and improve NUKE STUDIO’s editorial and conform tools, this release offers a number of new and enhanced features that include a new Color Correct soft effect; audio scrubbing; and a half-waveform display option.

Core compositing enhancements
Substantial work has been carried out to improve the way NUKE performs localization resulting in a faster, more stable solution. In addition, the Vector Blur algorithms have been revamped to generate better quality motion blur results-including areas of occlusion-and now run on the GPU.

Pipeline tools
NUKE 10 includes a number of enhancements for developers integrating it into modern pipelines: as a step toward supporting ACES, OpenColorIO has been integrated into NUKE’s root LUT management; Pyside and OpenEXR libraries have been updated; and Blink Script can now use a GLSL GPU path.

Timeline performance
NUKE STUDIO Exclusive - Considerable effort has been invested in NUKE 10 to identify and address timeline performance bottlenecks, resulting in better responsiveness when interacting with the user interface; more stable playback; accelerated file transcoding for many file types; and faster QuickTime creation.
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