"Mr. Sandeep Kamalasanan"  The creative spark behind Intermezzo Studios
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Posted on June 21, 2012 at 07:26pm IST
The great thing about this industry
is that you never stop learning!
An Inspirational figure focused on excellence in visual effects, computer generated imagery  Mr.Sandeep Kamalasanan is the creative spark behind Intermezzo Studios.

His success story starts from a traditional artist in the city of Udaipur in Rajasthan where his specialty was portraits and restoring old paintings.
he was one of the earliest 3D artists in the computer games industry in India having worked for Digital Opera.

Now his creative grace has touched more than 35 feature films and over 100 TV commercials. Prior to Intermezzo, Sandeep was a Visual Effects Supervisor heading CGI and VFX for Eyeqube Studios. He has also held senior creative roles for other leading studios such as Prime Focus and Avitel.

One of our reporter interviewed Mr. Sandeep Kamalasanan, Managing Director ,Intermezzo Studios Pvt. Ltd. regarding his recent film and his views about the Indian Animation and VFX Industry. Here is excerpt from the interview:

1. What can you tell us about the VFX in Kahani ?
Kahaani was a journey of a pregnant woman in search of her missing husband, shot in a very realistic documentary manner, hence vfx  was suppose to complement the story telling without being noticed.  There were over 500 shots which included completely CG photorealistic shots, Matte painted realistic backgrounds, creature, crowd, computer screens, few cleanups, Digital rains, Gun shot squibs and some motion graphics. We worked closely with the DOP  so that everything done could be matched and inserted  within the story seamlessly.  Kahaani can be considered as a good example of a movie with invisible effects.

2. I always believed that a project is incomplete without challenges, What are the challenges you have faced during its production?
Kahaani was a project that had a lot of planning before the shoot started. And like always, the planning gives in to the demand of many unforeseen situations and we couldn't get many of the things that we had planned initially. With tight budgets, it was very difficult to accommodate new scope of work that creeps in quietly as the project progress. I have started to experience one common thing in most of there shots, where people of other department started using VFX as their life savior or cover up shortcoming. During shoot I have heard people saying "leave it, this can be fixed  in the post".

3.What is the Vision of Intermezzo Studios?
Vision of Intermezzo Studio was to work on its own IP while working like a boutique cg and vfx setp. For some unavoidable reason it got sucked into VFX production services. We are now taking a step back and refocusing on our long term vision.

4.What are the latest projects that Intermezzo Studios is working on?
We are working as creative producer on the VFX for a film "JAL", which is directed by Mr. Girish Malik and shot beautifully by DOP Sunita Radia. To focus on own IP development, we have scaled down our team and have started working with other studios and team to execute work under our creative supervision.

5.What is your milestone for the Future?
With a team of visualisers and producer our Next step is to climb up the ladder in the production value chain,  producing original IP as well as providing production services for Ad films.

6.What do you think of the current scenario in the Industry?
What do you mean by Current scenario in the industry, Can you be more specific?

7.How could you promote the Indian animation Industry?
It's difficult for one to promote the industry alone, it needs a collective effort. There are quite a lot of people and groups already doing a lot to promote the Indian animation industry.  At the moment I don't know what more can be done to promote it except everyone doing good work at their own capacity. One way I can contribute is by sharing my experiences and techniques with new artists on forums. 

8.What is your communication to the Industry?
Indian Animation industry has to decentralize from metros and spread into smaller cities to take cost advantage. Experienced artists also need to experiment with relocating to smaller cities share their experience and spread their knowledge. This way industry will be able to survive inflation. The industry will be able to produce quality content at much lower cost for domestic consumption. Right now there are very few local content over animation channels, as it is too expensive to produce quality contents within channel's budget. Taking cost advantage of spreading the industry in smaller city will make content development a much profitable affair, this will also provide artists with a better living standard.

9.What message you want to give for the Future animators?
This is a career an artist choose because of the passion within him,  never let go of that passion and you will overcome every challenge. Don't be afraid of problems that comes your way and making mistakes, it gives you opportunity to find solutions and increase your knowledge.  Be open to learn things from other, you never know sometimes even a fresh junior can teach you a simple new trick. There is no harm in increasing a bit of useful knowledge whoever it comes from.

Credit List for Kahaani

VFX Producer :
Yash V Talwar
CG Supervisor : Rahul Vishwakarma
Compositing Supervisor: Ketan Kale
Matte painting supervisor: Vagharam Choudhary
CG lead: Piyush Khandelwal
Texture and Matte painting lead: Thou Mangang
Animator: Gajanand Chandigiri
Rigging lead: Praveen dSouza
Modeling: Amarjyoti Borah
Rigger: Ankit Jain
Lighting: Abdul Rahman, Sandeep Vaidya
Texturing: Fareen Naqvi
Dynamics: Nilesh Jadhav, Srikanth Nair
Motion Graphics: Chintan Shah
Compositors: Vikas Nag, Shruti Gham, Sanjay Verma, Hemant kulshreshta, Thiyagraj C., Vinay Matkari, Biren Sukhadia.
Systems and Data: Kapilraj C
Operations & HR: Hemanth Kumar
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