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Behind the Scenes for "LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens" game Trailer
Plastic Wax worked on this project
Posted on March 03, 2016 at 07:32 pm IST
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The recently aired-CG trailer, that mimics the teaser trailer for the movie - albeit with LEGO-like elaborations - has already chalked up quite 5 million views on official YouTube channels.

But it conjointly left lots of folks speculative WHO was behind it. Was it identical team from The plaything Movie? Was it the sport developer TT Games (part of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)?

It seems that alittle, however prolific, studio named Plastic Wax in state capital delivered the announcement trailer. They've had their hand for many years in cutscenes, cinematics and even alternative plaything game work.

So once the studio caught wind of the plaything Force Awakens game project they took it upon themselves to craft some look frames, in plaything type, supported the film teaser. Plastic Wax then pitched them to Warner Bros. Interactive and got the task.

At its core, the transient was pretty simple, remembers Plastic Wax govt vp Dane Maddams. It was essentially to recreate the Force Awakens teaser with plaything, and to inject the special whole of humor that plaything games ar created for. additionally to it we have a tendency to got a draft script, that we have a tendency to picked up and continued  to develop till you get to the result we have a tendency to see nowadays.