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"Return of the Jungle- A masterpiece of 3D animation for Indian animation Industry
Posted on Jan 19, 2012 at 08:10am IST
By: Aakash Jain
Entertaining the audience is the first and the foremost important thing which comes into the mind of any film maker. Now a days the animation industry has grown up many folds because if we consider it from audience point of view it attracts more audiences due to its visual effects animated characters and colourful and attractive locations (all virtual environments but real in reel) and if we consider one of the best player in the industry than the first name which comes in to the mind is the creators of Simpoo, Birthday Bhoot, OogaBooga, BulaDi, ChulBuli, Amaron battery TVC campaign, Vodafone Parrot and several other super popular animated characters, i.e. Vaibhav Studios where creativity never ends. Vaibhav studios has already set a benchmark in Indian animation industry by making every age group of Indian audiences as its audience whether its a school going child, college going adult, working individuals or old age  individuals ; all love to watch vaibhav studios creativity.

After setting benchmarks in the television commercials sector  by creating most creative characters like OoogaBoogs for neo sports, Vodafone Parrot, Simpoo for channel V, Chulbuli for Clinic plus and many more now vaibhav studios have explored an opportunity into the animation film industry  ( Indian animation industry was estimated as of US$ 631 million in 2011 ) by working hard from almost last  two years to turn its  dream project “ Return of the Jungle” into a successful reality.

Return of The Jungle: Synopsis

Return of the Jungle is a 90 minute animated film which features the Josh, DostiaurTaaqat of Mihir, Rohan, Ali and their gang of friends from class III who face their biggest challenges in school. To rescue them their best buddy Thatha- an old man full of enthusiasm and motivation came who motivates and inject the DNA of  enthusiasm in the veins of  all three and there gang by telling his highly inspiring stories from the Jungle where he lives, so that they all can cope up and fight with the situations they are facing.

One of our reporter interviewed Mr. VaibhavKumaresh, Director ,Vaibhav Studios regarding his upcoming film and his views about the Indian Animation Industry. Here is excerpt from the interview:

Tell us something about your animation film “Return of the Jungle”?
“Return of the Jungle” is our dream project on which we are working hard from last two years. Its our first long duration project a part from television commercials.” Return of the Jungle “ is a  90 minute animation feature film full of action, fun and entertainment. A part from being just mere an entertainment stuff, we tried to make it as an inspiring and motivating one. The story revolves around three friends Mihir, Rohan , Ali and there gang of friends who faced some biggest challenges in their school and how they cope up with those challenges after listening to the motivating and inspiring stories of their best buddy Thantha, an old man who lives in jungle.

What challenges you have faced during the production of this film?
We at Vaibhav studios always believe success never comes without facing challenges and same goes with this project. The biggest challenge we have is to achieve in the long format the same consistency in storytelling and production that we have in our short films. Next is the availability of funds. So far we have managed to fund the production on our own but to move ahead we would need to partner with like minded people.

What vision & strategy Vaibhav Studios have?
Our vision is to build a strong animation eco system in India by creating quality animation films for the Indian audience to beging with.

Is there any other project also on which you are working?
As of now our first priority is to make “Return of the Jungle” as best as we can.

Would you like to share the journey of making this film in three stages of production i.e Pre Production, Production and Post Production?
We have devoted a lot of time to pre production: the homework stage thats most crucial for animation. We have visited various places related to our film for research. Script, dialogues and storyboards have been given a lot of time. Our animatic is sufficiently detailed for the entire team to get an idea of the film flow. Working with production design artists helped us translate our 2D designs efficiently to 3D. Our sound designers helped us to get the right flavour for the dialogues and character voices.

Our production team mates are multi talented and have an equally good knowledge of both the physical as well as digital mediums of animation. That helps translate our designs: both character as well as backgrounds better during production. Creating a strong production pipeline is one aspect we have thoroughly invested in. We have a custom made pipeline that we constantly update as per user feedback. Sound design and music are also being worked on for the sequences that are so far done.

Have you received any proposal from the broadcasters who are interested in broadcasting your film?
Yes we have number of proposals from the broadcasters who are interested in broadcasting this film and I don’t want to disclose that we have finalised anyone or not. We are interested in those broadcaster with whom are vision, goals and mindset matches so that in long run no issues get raise.

What do you think about the current scenario of the Indian Animation Industry?
We are primarily catering to outsourced projects for foreign clients. Its been almost 2 decades and we still heavily rely on outsourced projects. Its high time we devoted time and resources to creating quality animated content for the Indian audiences.

Would you like to give a message to future animators?
Yes. Just follow what you love doing and do it as best as you can.

After giving many unforgettable animated characters to Indian TVC industry now Mr VaibhavKumaresh is trying to write a golden chapter in the history of Indian Animation film Industry with his project “Return of the Jungle”, and the team of Animation-Boss also thank him for making us the part of history and wish him and his team all the best for the success of their dream and future.
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