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10 Best Racing games for PS3
Posted on Jan 21, 2012 at 05:58pm IST
Via Game Guru
All the best racing games for PS3 that have been mentioned below have hours of heart stopping moments on offer through their neatly designed driving gameplay. In real life, you might be a disaster of a driver, but that won t stop you from being a road hog in such games.

Titles that let you assume full control over the in-game vehicles, provide you with a certain sense of freedom that is an overly welcome experience for any gamer. And being able to play them on the high-definition brilliance of the PS3 is nothing short of a blessing if you ask us. Read on to find out which recent games managed to reach the finish line in our roster of the top racing games for Sony’s console.
1 - F1 2011:
Formula One races are all about gut-wrenching high speeds, split-second results and miniscule details that make a massive difference. And sadly enough, making a career in F1 and getting to drive those mean machines is somewhat of a tough task. Enter F1 video games! These titles offer all the fun and excitement that F1 races have on their platter. And F1 2011 takes the heritage further with its intricately designed graphics and the ever so popular career mode. The technicalities and all the stuff that F1 fans crave for have all been taken care of by Codemasters.
2 - DiRT 3:
Rally racing is a crazy sport that couldn t have had a better game franchise to bank upon than DiRT. Apart from being the divine visual treat that it is, this offering is also a sturdy racing title that endows you with a wide array of events to drive on. Furthermore, there s the rollicking online multiplayer offerings which deliver a number of different challenges.
3 - Joe Danger:
Hello Games  light-hearted take on stunt racing that is Joe Danger came to the PSN in 2010, and has since been garnering rave reviews for its uniqueness. An amalgamation of the platformer and racing genres, this title is made addictive by the insane stunts that can be performed by gamers while playing as a genial stuntman named Joe Danger. This game s variety of offerings are given a huge boost by incorporating customization options, split screen multiplayer and online leaderboards.
4 - Burnout Paradise:
When this fourth title on our list of racing games for PS3 arrived back in 2008, it managed to live up to each and every expectation that was set up against it. True to the series   crash n  burn  philosophy, Burnout Paradise offers that and much more. To add to the fun, this game adopts an open world environment, leaving players with lots to do even when they re not participating in campaign events.
5 - WipEout HD:
6 - Gran Turismo 5:
The WipEout series made an electrifying debut on the PS3 with this gem of a title. Its sci-fi graphics will impress you from the word go, whereas its incredible gameplay will keep you hooked on to your consoles for hours. Heaps of different tracks can be jumped into as you pilot your ships across the numerous paths chalked out in this game. And as if that wasn t enough, WipEout HD also proffers support for eight-player online races.
Take our word for it; this game is the closest you ll come to actual racing on a PS3. You ll be astonished by the amount of different driving experiences that are featured in this the title. It also comes across as a blessing for car enthusiasts, as its renders the minutest of details about each and every vehicle that makes its way into the game.
7 - Mod Nation Racers:
Let us put it this way, if Nintendo ever decides to bring a Mario Kart game to the Sony system, Mod Nation Racers would no doubt, act as a benchmark that will need to be triumphed over.  Play, Create, Share  is the mantra adopted by this seventh title in our list of the best racing games for PS3. Its excellent customization and online sharing options as well as its trouble-free karting mechanics, make this game the addictive delight that it is.
8 - MotorStorm Apocalypse:
Supercars, superbikes, hot hatches, muscle cars and choppers; these are the kinds of vehicles you get to lay your hands on in MotorStorm Apocalypse which was launched for the PS3 just last year. Adopting a more story-driven structure than the previous games in the series, this title is capable of easily engaging you in its top-notch racing gameplay features, making it a worthy fit in this roster of racing games for PS3.
9 - Shift 2 Unleashed:
So what if the latest NFS game wasn t able to grab the attention of too many gamers. Fans of the series are still busy playing this flamboyant offering. Slightly Mad Studios has delivered pretty much everything that was expected from it following the success of Need for Speed: Shift. What s more, its online multiplayer features receive new life with the integration of the Autolog.
10 - Blur:
This game s vehicular combat features make it stand out among competition with utmost supremeness. Apart from playing its decent single-player campaign, you can also hop into local multiplayer matches which offer support to four player split-screen. And its online multiplayer takes things up a notch by rendering 20 player races in their entire splendor.
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