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Mighty Raju Rio Calling trailer released
Posted on April 22, 2014 at 08:00 pm IST
Hyderabad-based animation company Green Gold Animation worked on a new animation film
"Mighty Raju Rio Calling"
Green Gold Pictures has released the trailer for the upcoming animation film Mighty Raju Rio Calling. The trailer showcases the challenges faced by the fearless Mighty Raju as he travels through Brazil.

In the video, Raju narrates details of his adventurous vacation to the viewers, giving us a glimpse of him playing a power packed game of football, dancing with Brazilian girls, fighting off crooks and getting chased by the bad guys on the streets of Rio De Janeiro.

Mighty Raju is an Indian animated series of films aimed at young children, focusing on the adventures of Raju, a 4 year old boy in the city of Aryanagar. The film comes from the makers of Chhota Bheem, Green Gold Pictures.

Green Gold Pictures is well known for their original Indian Animated Content and it is also the only Indian company to diversify itself into L&M, Digital Media, Theatrical movie production, Branded stores and so on. It has been a pioneer in creating wholesome entertainment for kids of all ages and is known for its hugely popular & path breaking original content.
The budget for the first movie was Rs 5 crore. The company broke even with this project. The second movie had larger budget of around Rs 8 crore.

"We made a 10 per cent return on investment from income from theatrical release, television rights and through sponsorships," says Chilakalapudi, or Chilaka, as he is referred to in the industry.
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